Welcome, Janay!

I am delighted to introduce you to Janay Sullivan, who, aside from being a wonderfully energetic and generous spirit, is also a Reiki Master and Intuitive. Janay is available at Well Nest to work with folks interested in intuitive guidance as well as Reiki healings. In Janay’s own words:

Intuitive Guidance: “This is an amazing tool for exploring your own creativity, imagination and gifts through coaching, questions and intuitive story telling. Through metaphors and myths, new meaning is revealed in your own life story filled with quests, adventures and wonders. By seeing your life with compassionate insight, you’ll be able to transcend to new awakenings.”

Tarot Readings: “Intuitive insights and wisdom based on the person’s specific situations, questions and life issues. Although readings are wonderful gifts anytime, they can be especially helpful when at a crossroad or in transition.”

Reiki Services: “This is a relaxing and calming method that uses universal life energy to refresh, balance and revitalize your energy flow. Reiki offers so much on so many different levels – it is a wonderful tool for soothing and energizing the mind, body, heart and spirit by creating harmony and balance within our senses.”

I highly encourage you to come see what Janay is offering at Well Nest, and enjoy the many-layered benefits of her work. Contact her at: intuitive@wellnestchattanooga.com

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