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Educational Seminars at Well Nest are planned to provide a diverse array of topics for learning, insight, and personal growth. Based on community need and request, just about any wellness-related topic about mind, body, or spirit may be presented -- from a hands-on class in Art Therapy to learning about nutrition; from “Meditations for Daily Living” to “Fair Fighting for Couples;” from spiritual discussion groups to a reading by a local author. We’ve got the space, the chairs, and the bottled water. All that’s left is you.

Perhaps you want to attend a class, teach a class, or offer your own personal and unique life experience by facilitating an educational group that in some way helps others. The possibilities are endless at Well Nest, and saying “yes” to life might lead us in some very interesting directions!

Educational Seminars At Well Nest
Healing, insight, movement, and relaxation. In East Ridge, just a few miles from downtown Chattanooga, TN
The only criteria for instructing/facilitating an Educational Seminar at Well Nest are:

1. Have professional experience in your field, and experience sharing your knowledge with others;
2. Come from an open-hearted, generous place from which to help others on their unique journeys;
3. Welcome diversity of all participants/students

The only criteria for participating in a Well Nest Educational Seminar are … well, we don’t really have any, other than the enjoyment of growth-filled experiences with like-minded folks!

Questions about upcoming seminars? Need help deciding if a seminar or group is right for you? Have suggestions for topics? It all begins by contacting us. Call or drop a line, and we’ll talk about possibilities … and let’s see where learning takes us!

Dr. Rick Pimental-Habib, Ph.D., C.C.H.         423.326.7099         eMail Dr. Rick        

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